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Birch Enclave

As the Declarum Forces all shuffled into the convention center, Geoff and Alice were nearly lost in the commotion, quickly becoming another pair of miscellaneous soldiers. The latter actually recognized a few faces from former Knights. So many Pokémon had left the Council's influence; they couldn't all be in the wrong, could they? The Council always marked them for death as soon as they were considered fugitives, declaring that they defy Arceus' guidance.

One of those Pokémon was the Crawdaunt she noticed earlier once she got a closer look: none other than Brenn Turow, probably the only Mechanist she wouldn't attack and a Knight who wouldn't have a bad reason for running away. She wouldn't have doubted if it was just to get some more respect as a woman. It was definitely true that neither of them had any back in Swine, and it was worse when they became full-fledged Knights of the Oran. Chances are her hatred developed further after she became a Mechanist, and understandably so. Alice was quickly accepted as an ally and an equal by a random Pokémon, where it took her years of back-breaking work and sacrifice to get even the chance of equality in the Council cities. (And even then she's still given much less consideration in comparison to her fellow commanders, unless they were picking out someone to blame.)

Alice wanted to run up to Brenn and talk to her, but she couldn't. What if she recognized her? Actually, what if anyone recognized her? It's not like she went to expert lengths to disguise herself, she just dirtied up a bit to mask her cleanliness and hid her greaves. She couldn't afford to make herself stand out in a mass of Mechanists.

“Right! We're going in there with only one mission, find survivors and get them out! Do not fight the Knights unless you must!” Damon, Geoff noted, was the leader of the Declarum Forces. He was practically drooling an atmosphere of strength at the moment; he had purpose in his words and he knew what he was doing, why he was standing up there. It was admirable, something Alice would normally only see in Maverick. Maybe even Caedmon if the situation arose.

When the Linoone up front finished, a Leavanny near him offered her medical services. Geoff joined her and offered his own assistance, having come from Kanto just a short while ago. He asked Damon a question before they all headed out.

"How many can we assume are still there?" He was referring to both the amount of survivors and Knights alike. If they got what they wanted then why would they stay? and if their intention was a massacre would there be a chance of even one survivor? If there was, why would they stay? The Knights know about the enclave, it's a death sentence for anyone to stick around. These questions and more were all wrapped into that one vague inquiry from the Gardevoir to the commander of the Forces, hoping at least one could be just guessed, if not given an accurate answer.

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