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Dovahkiin Reborn

Who was kin to both wyrm and the races of man,
With a power to rival the sun!


Revak thought he caught a hint of a smile on Irileth's stern face. "Come on then, the Jarl will speak with us first."

With a nod Revak followed, Farengar and Lydia in tow. They found the Jarl in his personal quarters. He was already speaking with a guard. "So Irileth tells me you came from the Western Watchtower?" he asked the guard calmly.

The guard was obviously shaken. He nodded since words were obviously failing him. Irileth made her way inside, and laid her hand softly on the guards shoulder. The guard jumped at her touch. She slowly moved in front of him and kneeled down. "Tell him what you told me," she said softly, "about the dragon."

He nodded slowly and took a deep breath. "We saw it coming from the South," he shook where he seat. "It was fast... faster than anything I'd ever seen."

"What did it do?" the Jarl asked quickly. "Is it attacking the watchtower?"

The guard continued to shake his head. "No, my lord. It was just circling overhead when I left. I never ran so fast in my life." He shook even more, he leaned forward, his head resting on his hands. "I thought it would have come after me for sure."

The Jarl smiled and offered the guard his arm, the guard took it and stood, albeit shakily. "Good work, son. We'll take it from here. Head down to the barracks for some food and rest. You've earned it." The guard nodded and took his leave.

The four of them all stood in silence, the Jarl stared at Irileth. "Don't fail me."

Iritleth stood tall. "I won't, my lord."

The Jarl turned to Revak. "I would like you to join Irileth at the watchtower," he said.

Revak nodded. He turned and made his way out from the keep, noting that Lydia followed him. "You don't have to come," Revak said to Lydia as he accepted a new shield from a guard.

"Ha," Lydia scoffed, "and let you take all the glory?"

Revak laughed as they began to move out. The watchtower was relatively close to the city. They could see it in the distance. Only the sound of armored footsteps could be heard in the darkness of the night. As they got closer to the tower it became more and more apparent that the dragon had already attacked. The smell of burned grass, flesh, and wood greeted them. They could see the glows of the fires still burning surrounding the tower. The group paused for a moment, taking in the scene, Irileth turned to her soldiers. "Search for survivors!" she commanded.

The guards scattered, looking for any who may have survived the attack. Revak made his way to the tower entrance, and then jumped back as a sword nearly cleaved him in two. A man dressed in Whiterun's colors guarded the door, waving his sword wildly. Revak grabbed the man's arm and steadied him. "Calm yourself," Revak said, looking into the man's eyes.

It took a moment, but he soon stopped shaking enough to speak, by this time Irileth and Lydia had joined them. "It's still here!" the guard gasped. "It's going to come back!"

"The dragon?" Irileth cursed. "What do you mean it's still here-"

"DRAGON!" they heard a guard scream behind them. All three of them turned, and sure enough in the distance a large dark shaped was coming, and fast.

Revak drew his blade. "ARCHERS!" Irileth cried and she herself drew her bow, Lydia had her bow as well.

The dragon came in for a first attack, fire streaming from it's maw. It burned two guards where they stood, and for good measure the beast grabbed another in his jaws and crushed him with a sickening sound; dropping the guards' mangled body on the ground near his comrades. Then it turned and flew out of range again, gaining distance to return for another strike.

Between the screams and the sounds of the fire it was impossible to hear oneself speak, let alone think. Revak turned to Irileth, shouting to make sure he was heard. "We need to get it to land," he said pointing at the dragon for emphasis, "or we'll never take it down!" She nodded that she understood him. Their arrows were only bouncing off the dragon's scales.

Revak watched as the dragon turned and came back for it's second attack. Revak was furious, he could do no damage to it where he stood. The tower, he thought, if it won't come to me, I'll go to it. Without a second thought Revak turned to the tower, ignoring Lydia's protests. He raced up the steps until he reached the roof. He watched as the dragon flew out of range again.

He needed to get its attention. Akatosh guide me, he thought as he raised his blade high above his head, making himself a target. "COME AND GET ME, WORM!" he shouted as the dragon grew near. The dragon roared so loud that Revak's ears began to ring. The dragon opened his mouth and let loose a stream of flame directed at Revak. Revak dodged, but he barely got his shield up in time. The dragon's fire was too intense and it burnt the shield, making the metal burn and the wood crack. Revak threw the now useless shield down with a curse. The dragon must have decided that Revak wasn't a worthy enough target. It turned and came back for a fourth charge, this time turning around the tower and going once again for the guards firing arrows below.

My chance, Revak thought as he charged the edge of the tower, and he leaped over the edge with a savage cry. His sword over his head he plummeted onto the dragon's back. The dragon roared in protest as the weight of the Nord crashed onto its back. Revak struggled to steady himself one handed as the dragon flew erratically trying to throw him off. He heard the dragon speaking underneath it's roars, "Niid! Dannik joor! Hin niis krii ann dovah!"

Revak had no idea what the beast was screaming, but he assumed that it was something that he didn't want to happen. "Not today worm!" he cried as he lifted his blade and sunk it into the dragon's wing.

"Niid!" the beast seemed to scream as blood poured from it's wing. It lost control, spinning and crashing into the tower before dive bombing toward the ground head first. It was all Revak could do to hold on as the beast crashed, parting through the earth like water. Finally, the dragon stopped, but Revak could still feel it breathing. It's stunned, he thought. He stood and half walked, half crawled to the dragon's head; at this point it seemed to have noticed Revak's intent. It began thrashing and twisting it's head back and forth in an attempt to throw Revak off. Revak held with all his strength.

He grabbed the beast's horn and hefted himself into a more steady position. Lifting his sword once again he aimed for a soft point between the end of the dragons' skull. The beast roared in pain as Revak buried his blade deep in the dragons' skull, and soon the dragon moved no more.

Panting, Revak let himself fall to the ground, a welcome rest, but rest would have to wait. He stood, his muscles screaming in protest, and he took in the site of the dead beast before him; a dragon that had been killed by his hand. He heard the others gathering behind him, their heavy footfalls announcing their arrival. Revak looked into the dragons' open and ungazing eye, but once he did he felt a strange sensation. He gasped as he felt a rush of energy enter his body, not only energy, but memories.

Skyrim as seen from above, a name... Mirmulnir, "Alligiance-Strong-Hunt", sent to scout and destroy the city of Whiterun and it's Dragonsreach trap. Words, so many words, an entire existence in language.

Fus Ro Dah.

Force, Balance, Push.

The power of the dragon, the unrelenting force of the Shout. The power of the Dovahkiin who was reborn.


Lydia watched as Revak leapt from the watchtower and onto the dragon's back. She stood, frozen, her bow still notched and ready to fire, but she held back, fearing she'd strike the man riding on the dragon's back. The dragon tried to throw him off, twisting and turning in the air so violently that she was sure that Revak would be sent to his death, but he held on. She heard a great roar as a trail of deep red blood poured from the beast's wing and it began to crash back to earth.

The beast tore the earth apart when it landed, and Revak wasted no time in scurrying to the beasts head and sinking his blade into its' neck. Lydia's heart seemed to stop as Revak fell from the dragon and onto the ground. She nearly sprinted to him, but she breathed a sigh of relief when he stood and stared at the dragon.

And stared.

And stared.

Suddenly, a bright yellow light formed around both the dragon and Revak. Then white, then orange, colored lights spiraled around the both of them. The dead dragon's eyes glowed and so did Revak's with a deep gold color, then, after a few minutes it was dark again, but gold mist slowly rose from Revak's body; like a steam made of gold. Slowly, Lydia and the guards made their way towards Revak, their swords still drawn and ready to encounter whatever had just happened to the man that was supposed to be their friend.

One of the guards fell to his knees, his eyes tearing. "He's a Dragonborn!" the man cried. The others froze at the word, so did Lydia. Dragonborn? she thought, But that can't be. But then she looked back, the way he killed the dragon, like he knew what he was doing, the lights, those eyes. Dragonborn? The warriors of the old legends?

Another guard fell to his knees. "The Dragonborn have returned to Skyrim!" Revak still stood with his back to them, his glittering energy still coming off of him.

That's when she realized. He knew. That's when she remembered that old song, the one that talked of the Dragonborn returning. She still couldn't believe.

Then as if reading everyone's minds Revak raised his head and stared at the stars, breathed in deeply, and then he Shouted. His voice echoed off the mountains, and a huge stream of energy blasting into the sky and making the very ground rumble, "FUS RO DAH!"


When it was over Revak had to fight the urge to fall forward. His muscles screamed in agony from the impact of landing on the dragon's back, but inside Revak was elated. He had Shouted! His Voice had returned, and he'd killed a dragon!

The Dragon War had ended before Talos was even born. He never had a chance to fell a dragon. Instead he learned his Shouts through the Greybeards, and, through them, their leader Paarthurnax. He stood listening to his first Shout as it echoed amongst the mountains; a smile radiating from him.

The others had begun cheering, all except for Lydia. She stood in front of Revak frozen where she stood. Irileth calmed her guards, threatening double shifts for those who weren't eager to stop their cheering. "Enough," the Dark Elf said, as she took a place beside Revak so that she could address her guards more directly, "we've got work to do." She sighed. "Hadvir?"

One of the guards stepped forward. "Yes M'am?"

"Return to Whiterun, I want a triple of guards here within the hour," she said darkly. "We need to clean up this mess." The guard raised his fist to his chest in a salute then ran back toward the city.

Revak's smile disappeared. Only now did he notice the carnage that the dragon had left in its wake. Only one of the original guards stationed at the tower had survived, and of the twelve that arrived with Irileth five hadn't made it. Revak was grateful that their souls would surely be welcomed in Sovngarde, but then Revak's heart sank. They may never reach the Hall of Heroes. Alduin could snatch their souls before they reached the fabled Hall.

Revak turned to Irileth. "Let us gather the fallen and see them to rest." Irileth nodded solemnly, and then began commanding the remaining soldiers to begin gathering the bodies of the dead. Revak felt rather than saw Lydia's eyes staring at him. He stepped toward her and attempted to put a hand on her shoulder, but she shied away. "Are you all right?" Revak said with concern. She didn't answer. With a sigh Revak left her and was about to help the others carry the bodies.

"You knew," he heard Lydia's voice behind him.

Revak turned. "Sorry?"

She stepped toward him now, pointing at Revak. "You knew you were Dragonborn."

"That's ridiculous," Revak said with a sigh, "you should rest. We haven't slept in days, and after all this you must be exhausted."

"Excuse me?" she said in offense. She shook her head. "You knew."

Revak started walking toward a guard who was having a hard time lifting one of the fallen. "This is hardly the time." Revak grabbed the feet of the body while the guard lifted the upper body. They carried it over to the others where Irileth was having the guards line the fallen in a row. Revak closed the fallen guard's eyes. "Find peace in Sovngarde brother," Revak said. Avoid the wings of the worm and find the gilded Hall, he said silently. He felt Lydia still standing behind him. "We will speak another time, for now let us finish here and respect the honored dead." She still stared at him, he smiled. "Don't make me Shout."

They worked until the sun was rising over the mountains. Overnight a wagon had arrived from the city. They gathered the dead and lead a march back to Whiterun, a triple acting as an honor guard to see the fallen to the Hall of the Dead. Lydia and Revak were at the tail end of the small guard. Even so, once they made it through the gates it became apparent that the entire hold had heard of the events of the night as the citizens lined the road leading to the Hall of the Dead. As Revak passed he caught the sound of hushed voices and the sight of eyes darting away from him. Revak had hoped he would be able to leave the city quietly in the night, but apparently the word of a Dragonborn spread faster than even a dragon could fly.

The local priest of Arkay dressed in black robes greeted the guard as they arrived at the Hall. As the dead were carried underground the priest's arms were raised and his mouth moved, repeating ancient prayers to lead the souls of the dead warriors to Sovngarde. Once all the dead were delivered the citizens and guards departed, save for the families of the fallen who grieved outside the gates of the Hall of the Dead.

Revak watched the mourning for a moment, then, his heart heavy, he turned right and headed down the road toward the great white tree, and near it, the statue that represented Talos; that represented him. With a sigh he stretched, his muscles screaming in protest. He walked to the stream and looked at his own reflection and did a double take. This was the first time he'd really gotten a chance to see himself. He looked as he had when he was a young man. His blond hair cropped short, his eyes deep blue; his features were fair and defined, at least for a Nord, even though he was covered in dirt and muck. Stubble had already started to grow on his face making his face look a little rough. Revak removed his gauntlets and used the cool water to rinse the dirt and blood from his arms, neck and face.

Revak sat on the bench in front of the was no one in sight. He stared at himself. Well, not really himself, but what the Nords envisioned him as. Anywhere you go in the Empire they have a different vision of Talos, or a different name. The Nords called him Talos or Ysmir, the Imperials know him as Tiber Septim, there are even a few who might recognize him as Wulf. The statue of Ysmir before him showed a strong Nord with a large beard and wearing a winged helm. In truth, Ysmir wasn't him, but one of his subjects; his ambassador to Skyrim when the Empire was still new. Centuries muddled the truth. Eh, he sighed, Ysmir, you old bastard, you deserve a little recognition anyways.

Revak leaned forward and rested his head in his hands. The fatigue of recent events now consuming him, how many had died all ready from Alduin's rage? First Helgen, and now the watchtower. How many would it be in the end? He kept returning to the tower, if he'd killed Mirmulnir, for he now understood that to be the dragon's name, earlier would more guards have survived? Even one more? And now Lydia suspected him, of what he wasn't even sure. She suspected that he knew he was Dragonborn already, which is true, but he's also so much more than that. Did he dare trust telling any mortals? He shivered even though the word hadn't been said aloud. It felt wrong calling them mortals; wasn't he one of them at one point? He didn't even know the extent of this body's power. So far he'd been able to Shout, but it was not as powerful as he'd hoped, nor was it as powerful a Shout as the ones that he had summoned in his previous life. As of yet he hasn't displayed any sort of godly power; at least he hadn't made something float in the air.

He jumped slightly as he felt a rain drop on his neck, then another, within a few minutes a steady downpour began, Revak stood, thinking to find shelter when suddenly it stopped, but the sky was still black with clouds. He heard thunder boom causing the ground to shake slightly, then he heard a voice, no not one voice but many, voices that seemed to be coming from the sky itself, a voice saying one word clear and strong, "DOVAHKIIN!"

He should have seen it coming.


Niid! Dannick joor! Hin niis krii ann dovah! - No! Doomed mortal! You cannot kill Dragon kind!
Niid - No
Fus Ro Dah - Force-Balance-Push (Unrelenting Force Shout)
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