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I have been thinking for a while and am wondering if we should give any new members joining E&S a break?

I mean, for example, we all started off with one badge component and have built up a lot of character experience and personal experience since then. Should we give them a Head Starters package to even things out?

W1: Start of the contest; 1 Badge C.
W2: 1 Badge C.
W3: 2 Badge C.
W4: 2 Badge C.
Month 2:
W1: 2 Badge C.
W2: 3 Badge C.

Also, as a clean-up measure, would it be a good idea to re-distribute badges amongst other members from those who quit the RP by the end of the month?
It seems a little excessive, but I was also thinking of just not receiving anything at all.

Last concern. Should the portions of the year between Spring, Summer Fall and Winter last 1 month or more? If it lasts like our real world Physical year, this will be one long RP of bumps, bruises of battles and survival.