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1. AlexOzzyCake+
2. droomph+
3. Fireredkid
4. GolurkIsDaBomb
5. Hayley+
6. lasttfarewell+
7. Mockingjay
8. pokemonranger109+
9. Sector Revenge+
10. The Shiny Umbreon in the Corner

1. HEY! WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO BE ON MY PROFILE?! (dejavu, have I said this before?)
2. A new clubnub. Made a club who's doing pretty good right now :D
3. I have no idea who this person is. Appears to be a ROM hacker.
4. Seen them around a few times, but otherwise, no idea.
7. Had a small conversation with them.
8. Helped them make their club, and had a convo with them afterwards :>
9. Hey Sector Vector, go post in clubs, k? :)
10. No clue. They appear to be a tradenub, though kudos for a nice name :D
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