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Quote originally posted by Iceypunchy:
Snakewood was one the best hacks i've played and this looks really promising

Thanks. Let's hope I get somewhere with it.

Quote originally posted by mavy42:
Woohoo, another hack by the best storyteller in Pokecommunity!!!!
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. I'm going to need every one of those exclamation marks; it's going to take a lot of luck for me to get this done.

Quote originally posted by Crimson Stardust:
If snakewood was fun to play with, then this hack will be more fun...i hope it is.but yeah, seeing your previous hack, i cant wait for a more detail update in the future..)
annddd yessss....storyline is more well as abit enchance graphic..haha

Quote originally posted by hinkage:
That would make sense, but it's not only that character. They all have that uppity (for lack of a better word <_>) way of talking.

Yes. You may not have noticed, but realism - especially in terms of dialogue - is not at all a major concern of mine. There is a time and place for it - perhaps when I'm trying to develop a particular character, or approaching something in a slightly more serious manner (for Keratin is nothing more to me than an amusing side dish in the buffet of life) - but frankly, I don't care about it. It doesn't seem to be that big a problem for most people, to be honest, so I'd suggest that you are outside my target audience. Since the style of hack I make is tailored for quite a specific audience, that's wholly understandable - in fact, I'm surprised I haven't encountered more people who dislike the way I do things, this being the Internet and all - and I'd suggest that you might find other hacks more to your taste.

That being said, you make a valid point - or semi-valid at least, since I can't see how you would know more than a small fraction of the actual dialogue from Keratin, even in its current state - and it's something I should consider. Certainly, some characters need an individual personality and speech pattern, and I have no doubt that I'll do something at least to ensure that they do.

Quote originally posted by edogg:
Are you planning on adding any telefangs in that was a cool feature.

Probably not, I'm afraid, but I might add things from some other random little-known games. I mean, I wouldn't put it past me.



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