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Quote originally posted by Dark pokemon:
how do I get into MT. Vulcan to deliver the super repel. The guy is blocking the way
Use walkthrough walls if you cannot make that guy disappear by normal meanings.
Mt. Vulcan has kinda messed up flags so it can happen.

Quote originally posted by Slasher X:
I checked wesleyfg's website and weavile and sneasel are not marked in the pokedex. How do you edit the evolutions ash493? I tried YAPE but it doesn't work because it doesn't support LP? Unless you are editing the original ruby rom instead of patching the .ips to it and leaving them seperate?
First you need to edit LP's header to the same header as normal Ruby by using RHEA.
And editing the original Ruby won't help you since it would not be present in the "patched" ROM
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