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Sorry for the delay with me making my first reply. I'll be sure to reply to comments much sooner!

Quote originally posted by Digidestined123:
Looks pretty interesting, if its possible, you should try to put new attacks in, and what would be even cooler would be if you could make a signature move for every family of Pokemon.
I like that idea I'll definitely look into how to do that and I'll keep you in the loop(: I don't imagine it'll be too hard. And by "family" do you mean each element (grass, fire, water, etc.)? or do you mean something else?

Quote originally posted by DaleH771:
I love these hacks of old games and yours looks exactly like what I'd like to see. I love games in which people stick to the original Pokemon feel rather than create a bizarre storyline. Surely if all the maps are redone you could instead create your own region and rename everything?

Personally I'd love to create a hack of Pokemon Gold, but I already have a hack in the making and cannot just abandon it.

Keep this up, I think it looks cool!
Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I'm a little hesitant to redo the layout of the town map, because if I did that then I would feel the need to rename towns and the region and gym leaders. I'm afraid that would be too far away from the original Pokemon game feel that I'm going for. What do you all think?

Quote originally posted by sako:
well according to me the storyline of this hack soundsthe same as the regular fire red.
What do you mean? As far as I'm aware, FireRed doesn't focus on Mewtwo anymore than the original Red does...

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
Seems very interesting. Really like the tiles & title screen. Keep it up.
Thanks! I spent quite a while on the Titlescreen. I'll update the screenshot of it as soon as the Mewtwo sprite is replaced with the Crystal frontsprite for Mewtwo

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
The 5th screen has a tile error... you should fix it.
What do you see wrong with it? I don't see any errors...

Quote originally posted by Asuf:
Wow a Red hack, it's looking good, I like original storylines so I'll keep checking on this.
Good luck with it.
Thanks! Be sure to check back every now and again!

Quote originally posted by Blasto King:
Hey, if you need a semi-decent spriter, than I should be able to supply you with some decent sprites.
Do you mean overworld sprites or front/back battle sprites? Because I've already made the only minor adjustments to the overworld sprites that I plan on making. And as far as battle sprites, I'm replacing every front and back sprite with the sprites from a mix of Gold Silver and Crystal. I just have to figure it out all the way. So unless you can help me understand how to obtain the uncompressed form of the data of GSC sprites then you probably can't help me much. But thanks alot for the offer! :D

And this goes for anyone: if you think you can help me insert the GSC sprites into my Red rom successfully, just message me!

Not a whole lot of real progress on my hack lately since most of my time is spent towards reading and learning more about rom hacking, rather than direct progress. But I do have one announcement that I'm rather proud of! The four Pokemon that evolve by trade (Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter) now evolve at a certain level!! This was all I needed to make it possible to complete the entire Pokedex within the game And to clearify, not only can you complete the Pokedex, there aren't any Pokemon where you are limited with the number you are able to catch, with the exception of Arcticuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew. For example, some Pokemon you have no limit to how many you can find: the three starters (but don't worry. I didn't put all of them on Route 1 like every other small Red hack), Farfetch'd, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lapras, Eevee, the fossilized Pokemon, and Snorlax. Let me know what you think about all of this!

Keep the feedback and the suggestions comin(:

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
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