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I actually just got the USA ROM, and I now have something else to add for text.
In the USA version, the text begins at 0x001D3820 and goes through 0x001D5C03, with the table starting at 0x001D5C04.

Also, it turns out the text is different from the EUR version completely!

In the EUR version, the last text is "use <#> to brake...", but in the USA version, the last text is "...but i have created turbo gates to help you stay ahead of the danger."

Also, the table for the USA version is shorter, being only 2FC bytes long, with 191 entries!

EDIT: A correction to the RAM addresses 02000E5C to 02000E60. It is the altitude of the player, but the extra is F if the player is going up, and 0 if he is going down.

EDIT 2: The tilesets are 256 colors, for the record.
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