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Quote originally posted by -Grayscale-:

Full Name: Kim Densetsu
Nicknames: Likes being addressed as 'Kid'.
Sacred Fire

Appearance: Kim, though very petite and thin, has a noticeably fair amount of muscle which makes up a lot of her weight and shape. Her skin itself is tan from being outdoors in the sunlight, touched with the many scars she's gotten hunting and accidentally hurting herself one way or another(mostly on her arms and legs, though she has a claw scratch on her left cheek she got from one of the creatures she was attacking at the time). A variety of freckles line her nose and cheeks, and she has brown eyes which almost blend into her pupils. Kim's black, slightly curvy hair has been cut a little short to avoid snag, with long bangs that almost go over her eyes. The hair has some small dyed yellow streaks inside. She's also rather tall, towering 5'8.

Her hunting clothes, which she only puts on when working, are dark brown and ripped/torn badly from so much use. Though they are rather simple, her clothes are different types of colors that resemble a camouflage pattern, and cover her skin up to the elbow and knees. Underneath everything is chain armor and shoulder pads, which acts as her only real protection. Her large, leather boots are a must when going outside. She also carries a small, rough bag on her back to carry home whatever she catches. Everything is a little dirty and big, but Kim refuses to get a change of clothing.

At home, she wears a long, black cloak with golden stripes flowing downward(similar to the stripes you'd see on a Raikou). The cloak's color starts pure black, but eventually turns a vivid purple, and fades to white near the end of the fabric. Underneath the cloak is a white long-sleeved shirt outlined with gold, and a plain black skirt. A black belt with a small blue X is also worn around her waist. Other smaller, thinner belts wrap around her arms and shirt. Kim wears a light yellow scarf with her in each outfit, though she frequently hides it while working to avoid being seen.

'Kid', as she likes being called, is an unusually energetic and yet lazy individual. She's constantly on the move, usually hunting or running around with her pokemon partner even past her usual 'bedtime'. If she isn't doing that, she is probably practicing her combat techniques and fooling around with her spear. Fighting is one of her main hobbies, as long as she doesn't get hurt. However, when it comes to doing something she doesn't like, her stubborn attitude and pouting can make it close to impossible for her to do anything. Kid also has a high temper that shouldn't be set off(she won't hesitate to get a little violent). Overall she's about doing whatever she wants, and having fun doing whatever the heck she wants to do. This also implies a lot of selfishness in her direction.

Most of her good traits can be guided out of her nasty attitude with a bit of kindness. Kid's trust is, actually, rather easy to gain and she warms up to people pretty quickly. She's also just as quick to judge people and earn disliking towards them. If she does consider someone a good friend, Kid will do everything in her being to protect that one person and make them happy anyway she can(this doesn't mean she's willing to give up anything too important to her for them). Ironically, she'll tease her friends more than she would anyone else and assume it doesn't bother them. But she can be serious at times, and be a great person to lean on when you're down.

Her life before the accident was rather simple. She was a very naive and kind child, and didn't see anything wrong with her life or the world in general. It was perfect, and she was also close to perfect. Obedient, loyal, and trustworthy. However, she did feel often left out and lonely. Her younger brother and sister both got more attention, and seemed to leave her out of games and other such things siblings do together. It made her feel sad, but she got used to it over the years. When the tower began to catch on flame and crash in her mother's outrage, Kim was struck and held down by some fallen wooden panels that prevented her from escaping. Although her younger siblings had tried to help, by the time she had gathered enough air to scream at them to leave the building, the floor above them had caved in along with the rest of the tower. The impact was fatal to all of them. Though they were brought back to life shortly after, Kim blamed herself for her sibling's pain. She thought she could've saved them if she had been more careful.

Growing more anti-social and overall negative, her attitude toward the world completely shifted as soon as her mother and father broke apart. She was, and always has been, angry with both of them. Trying to get stronger, she would practice jabbing and hurling her spear at things every day. Other times she didn't even want to practice, she just wanted to get her anger out. Her passion for hunting also arose after the accident, and it is literally her hugest stress reliever and she can't do without it. She also began attaching more to pokemon rather than humans, especially her partner, Kira. Nowadays, she just wishes everyone would stop fighting. And if she has to fight and win to get that war to stop, she'll fight hard for her family.

...Well, she's good at killing stuff. She's also a fantastic tracker.
Flaws: Completely useless when it comes to helping someone w/ an injury, and is overly clumsy.

A long spear, with crescent blades below the head. The head is a little rough and large, yet very sharp.


Pokemon Name: Kira
Pokemon Personality:
Kira is very similar to Kim in both her stubborn attitude and laziness. However, she is much more serious and not the kind of pokemon to joke around. When times get tough, Kira is the one that gets tougher. And these times are always hard. Her loyalty knows no bounds, and yet she only has Kim to reveal that loyalty to; the Raikou doesn't seem to trust anyone except for her nowadays.
Pokemon History:
Kira has been with Kim since they were tiny. Their bond is inseparable, and although she liked being with the other two legendary beasts, she never seemed to be good at socializing with either of them. The accident only made things worse, and Kira went into a state of depression. She relied on Kim to lift her out of it, and now she depends on Kim to close to everything.
Pokemon Specialty:
RUNNING, and climbing.
Pokemon Flaws:
Isn't knowledgeable about other people or pokemon whatsoever, and isn't a great fighter.

Proof of Reading:
It's too bad she got so mad she crushed her own kids.

Anything Else:
Finished. Sorry it took such a long time.

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