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I would like to sign up~!

Username: Kotowari
Favorite LoZ game: Twilight Princess (closely followed by Skyward Sword)
Triforce Section: The Link fangirl in me is screaming Courage, but Wisdom would suit me fine as well.~ Asign me whatever golden triangle you have left. : >

What is your favorite character, and why?
My favourite character is Link, because I'm unoriginal. BT That aside though, I just like the green-clad hero. My favourite Link is Twilight Princess Link. I love his design and the fact that he can change into a Wolf. Telma once said that his eyes resembled that of a Feral Beast. She was right.
My second favourite Link is the Skyward Sword Link. He's just so adorkable. |D;

Besides the Link, I could put up Dark Link (although his character is more fanon than canon), Midna, Zelda (SS).

What is your favorite instrument used in the games?
The Ocarina. I loved how you could play very nice songs with very little notes.
Some of the songs form Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are really something.

Who is your favorite partner? (Midna, Navi, etc.)
Midna. Hands down. She's just a great character. She has a wonderful personality, whith a full background story (unlike most of the others who're just kinda there to help Link). I'm also somewhat of a TwiLinkxMidna fan. I say somewhat, because I'm pro, but not an active shipper. |3 I kinda she returns, but I'll be alright if she doesn't.

I also found Navi, the King of Red Lions and Fi to be worthy to be remembered. I'm not far enough in Majora's Mask yet to form my oppinion on Tatl...and I haven't played any of the DS games yet. I was kind of relieved they changed Navi's "Hey! Listen!" to Tatl's /tjingle/, but I'm not one of the Navi haters. |3

@Jacinth: Oh, gosh, Dodongo's Cavern. I remember on my last playthrough of Ocarina of Time MQ (NGC) that I constantly had to return to the Deku Shrub selling them... to the point where it got annoying.

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