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Why do y'all have Deku Shields in Dodongo's Cavern? You could buy a Hylian Shield in Castle Town. :( And I think the guard on Death Mountain Trail gives you a discount on a shield if you bring him a Keaton Mask. Plus I think you can find a Hylian Shield in a chest in the Graveyard. I just remember never having the "your shield is gone!" problem in there haha.

I also found Navi, the King of Red Lions and Fi to be worthy to be remembered. I'm not far enough in Majora's Mask yet to form my oppinion on Tatl...and I haven't played any of the DS games yet. I was kind of relieved they changed Navi's "Hey! Listen!" to Tatl's /tjingle/, but I'm not one of the Navi haters. |3
I actually like Navi. I had a fun time in 8th grade making comics that starred her, Tatl, and Tael. And even an awesome OoT comic, though it only featured the child dungeons at the beginning of the game. Reading it now, I got a lot of things in the story wrong and missed some key points, but oh well. I LOVE BOATY!! Because you can sail in him and sing Come Sail Away! But Fi is annoying...she just seems so robotic and emotionless. It really bothers me. "Megaman Megaman!!" for any NCS fans in here, haha. I love her design though, so I'll give her that.

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