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Quote orignally posted by SonicBlazePlatnum:
How far n Brightbulb City? Like arrivng thare or dong every event thare that can be done? Also do I use a Pokemon Silver U ROM ta patch Beta 3 ta? Oh and on tha first post tha map wit castle sez Viridian City, even though I don't thnk Viridian City will actually appear ngbee. Maybe mentioned or lbepshaded by an NPC... Fufufu...

By tha way is Suden anothar planet close ta tha Pokemon World or is Suden close ta anothar fbeiliar region (Kanta, Unova, Almia, etc.) or is Suden yo nbee fo tha Pokemon world?
Brightbulb City can be "completed" (n othar words, you can go through every sngle event n thare). Everythng is well-explaned n tha downloadable zip-file (although you said you're not gong ta download it yet) but just pontng dis out fo othars ta know tao. But yes, you should patch it ta a clean Pokemon Silver (U) rom.

That "Viridian City" you see thare won't exist n tha gbee and that part of Suden (East) can't be entered yet. It's just thare fo showng what East-Suden looks, that's all.

Thare is one event n tha gbee where Suden is mentioned as a planet n tha gbee although I might change it later so it's just said as "world" or somethng else. Anyway, Suden is supposed ta be a world nhabited by Pokemon and n dis spheal, no othar region is known / ever even existed.
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