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Well you have to remember a private media company (like 4Kids and such) hosts the studio which does voices for the anime - it'd be a lot less hassle and paperwork for the Game Freak animation place to just hire new people (as they probably have a union and they're contractually bound), so if they hired the actual Ash voice actor then it wouldn't be lazy, but more rather reallly realllllly dumb. Besides, making a "quick dub" isn't as easy as you think - they have special equipment that they have to use to get an acceptable quality, so doing a quick little thing in a webcam microphone is out of the question.

@Kenmoor Knowing how stupid things usually get with dubs and stuff, they probably won't ever dub the animation. Besides, it's happened in the past where some special episodes (like some of the Pikachu shorts) haven't been dubbed so I'm not going to be surprised if they don't do a dub for this commercial.
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