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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Guys! Just posting to say that an OFFICIAL BETA is due out in the next few days. This should hopefully fix some MAJOR issues from the last beta, as well as the Live Beta.

The even better news for some, is that the game should now be playable using flashcarts! :D We pulled a major overhaul of the saving system, and in doing so, made the game compatible with flashcarts again.

The bad news to go with it is that the new beta will NECESSITATE a restart of the game. You won't even get a choice in this matter, because the ROM will automatically delete your save game if you try to reload an old save. This is because we have repointed the Trainerflags, Flags and Variables to ensure they don't interfere with each other or with other important data. We sincerely hope this will fix the remaining bugs in LC and allow us to push on with the Orange Islands!

This should also, in theory, fix all the Bad Eggs in the game!

This will NOT fix the lack of gender specific text, although we plan to fix that as we play through the game from scratch again.

The patch will be published in the next day or so, so I hope everyone's excited!
So not even a savestate would matter? and what else does this beta fix just bad eggs if that is so i really dont plan on using any of the pokemon that come from it. A minor issue for me is the crazy about of rain it reminds me of minecraft sure its great but after it rain it gets a little bothersome
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