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Allright, I was trying to give out some ballance on it, thats all (The EV trained stuff), I really don't want to go back to get Ice Punch, as I hate transforming things over, but I may consider, though Stone Edge is appealing as well.

Ambipom, I've thought about Return, but I can always switch out between the two as they are TMs, I'll see what works the best with that, however the idea of Return is appealing.

With Roserade, I'm not going to give it rest, when Natural Cure and Synthesis are avalible. Hidden Power Fire does sound good as well, a bit better than Posion or Rock to be honest.

Anyways, thank you for the help on this, ^.^
I'm not super worried about specific Pokemon like Porygon 2 just yet, as I'm still just messing around with people I know who just play because they play and don't take it overwhelemingly serious.
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