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I have Ages (I think?) somewhere at my mom's, and MC too. I am awful at 2D Zelda, so don't feel bad. lol I'd like to beat all the Zelda games, but those 2D ones will kick my butt. Wind Waker was the first one I beat. Didn't have all the heart containers though and that's a huge pet peeve of mine lol. :( Well, it is now. Not at that time. lol I'm only missing a few games though! Only need Link's Awakening, Oracle of whichever I don't have, and the UGH DS titles.

Yeah, and no where to put all that money. :( I guess it pays (literally) to be a cartoon? ;3

Wellll yeah, but it still made me not wanna pick up rupees when I started up the game. XD

Must have been fun. Some people think Young Link is 7 and then becomes 14 though. idk. I always thought he was 10 then becomes 17. It makes more sense and looks more like that.

That'd be awesome lol. Might go find another orange rupee and get Tales of the Abyss while I'm at it. ;)

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