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Well, It's been a while since I was last here. I have an interesting announcment, it's the release of the 3.2 Beta.

Well, after only a small announcement a few days ago on the LC Dev Journal, I'm pleased to announce that Beta 3.2 is now available to download directly from the Live Beta on the Official LC Site. But remember, you must delete and restart your game with this new ROM.

This version is simply a Bug Fix version which fixes the trainer bug, other resetting events bugs, the Day Care and makes the ROM a whole lot more stable. I mentioned the other day that the release will be in the future. Didn't say it wouldn't be a few days later did I? Hehe.

Let me get something straight before you except a ton of new things. This is simply a bug fix version containing all the fixes that have been done since the release of 3.1, as well as the trainer fix mentioned above. Will there be anything new in this Beta since a few days ago? No, because this is still the same Live Beta you might of downloaded an hour ago simply with the new fixes applied to the ROM, thanks to Jambo51.

We are now using the new Save block hack which means that the ROM should be fully compatible with Flash Carts that support the Real Time Clock. Now to answer some questions I can expect people want to hear the answer too. Are the TMs fixed? No. Is the Physical/Special Split fixed? No. Is the New Bark music bug fixed? No. This simply addresses the trainer bug, which is also related to other bugs in the game.

You might think we should of fixed everything and then released it. Well, every day there is about 100-200 new downloads or more of LC. And everyone of you will keep playing the game further making progress, as well as new people starting a file. The quicker we release this fix the least time you guys waste and the same for us answering the same bug over and over. Either way it's now fixed and you can expect other fixes to follow as normal.

Of course, not that this is still a Beta so even though we have applied the fix there could be things we have missed out related to the fix. Any issues, and report them to us so we are aware of anything that's gone wrong. And one more thing, remember that this will be the last time you guys will need to restart the game. I believe that even if you attempt to use your old save it will show up as being corrupted.

So enjoy the fix and make sure to report any issues as soon as you find them. Stay tuned for some new announcements on the Official LC Site.
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