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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
@ glaceon12

All the pokemon EXCEPT the gym leaders, the 2 evil fakemon, & Darugis of course, are catchable. That still gives you 386 pokemon to catch across 2 regions. I'm still inserting the pokemon over again & adding more everyday. I'm pretty sure I've got most of the favorites in there.

I have a question for anime fans, however. Now that Ash is the pokemon league champion in this hack, SHOULD he have Ho-Oh? Personally, since it on occasions appears before Ash starts a new journey, I feel he's going to either befriend it or catch it in the last episode of the anime or something. Which'll also probably be him becoming the champion in that episode as well. So the Q is, would you enjoy battling Ash with a Ho-Oh in his party or No because you don't think he'll ever have it?
I don't mind him having it or not having it, looks good to me anyway

I highly doubt he'll ever have ho-oh since he's a legendary, but befriending seems likely
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