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Daniel Sabrak
Oak Town

As Ruby mentioned the swamp, Daniel gave a little shrug, scratching at his cheek idly. “Well, we…. We went with the class to the swamp because we had to try and find someone who had voluntarily get lost, some sort of survival training. And… well, a big… snake-Pokémon jumped down and swallowed me up. It was… disgusting, but the others managed to help me out before I was digested.” He smiled sheepishly and slightly embarrassedly, glancing to his own lap. “I’m fine, it was just pretty unpleasant. I’m glad the others were there. I don’t know what the Pokémon was called, I only know most of the ones from Kanto and Johto.”

He then turned his head to listen to her, brows raised a little to show that he was listening intently to what she had to say, making mental notes of all of what she said. “Hmh… that makes a lot of sense. I think I’ll give it a shot later on, once I get back to my room. Thanks, Ruby.” He said with a warm smile to her. “If, uh.. there’s anything you’d like to know from me in return, you can go ahead and ask!”

Alexis’ tail swiped gently through the air behind her as she lay on the warm sand, not paying much attention to the trainers while she listened to Hikari explain, nodding her head lightly in reply to it. “Daniel’s exactly the same, but I haven’t seen anyone judge him yet. He just usually sticks to himself… I guess this island’s just… helped him be a little more out there. I’m glad, because he’s a really nice guy. We’ve been together for years, and I wouldn’t want any other trainer.”

She smiled and looked up at Daniel who seemed focused on talking to Ruby. There was a sort of respectful adoration in her look as she glanced up at him.
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