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Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

Ruby listened to what he was saying about the swamp, big snake pokemon? Well he said he knew most pokemon from Kanto and Johto, so maybe... 'If it had black with red and golden colors then it was an serviper.' Ruby said to him smiling. 'I'm glad the other were able to help you out.' Ruby grinned. 'So far the only friends i've made are a girl called Kat, and a boy called Kilik.' Ruby said.

Ruby turned to him as he told her that she could ask him anything in return, actually... She wanted him to "teach" her something instead of "telling" her something. 'H-hey... Could you... Learn me one of these first aid stuff...?' Ruby asked embaressed, she started giggling embaressingly and cutely as she quickly stared back forward her while rubbing the back of her head. 'I-i... I train ninjutsu, but... I don't know about these first aid stuff... Just now i fell because i wanted to do one of my many tricks, but decided that would be the same as cheating...' Ruby explained to him. 'See? It wasn't your fault at all.' She calmed down a little and smiled. 'I was impressed in how quick you helped me...' She complimented him. 'So can you learn me those first aid stuff?' She asked again.

Hikari stopped paying attention to the trainers as she listened to her new Raichu friend. 'Ruby and i are together since Ruby was just 5 years old, we used to play with a Riolu in the forest, but he left...' Hikari looked in the sand as she remembered the Riolu. 'Does your trainer have bad habits?' Hikari asked her carefully, not wanting to make her mad. 'I'll tell you Ruby's bad habits too.' Hikari smiled as she was laying in the warm sand.
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