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Quote originally posted by DarkRisingGirl:
Alright. So Pikachu-Snorlax-Infernape-Charizard-Heracross-Ho-Oh sound good? (Stealth Rock that whole team! lol)
Stone Edge anyone?
Anyways this is really bad team for champion...
He should have this team: Pikachu, Lucario (since you agreed on having him Pokémon he befriended and if you add him), Ho-Oh, Flygon (from the 6th movie), Snorlax and Charizard.
As a league champion he needs balanced team... (I wouldn't give him Pikachu but whatever...)

Quote originally posted by DarkRisingGirl:

Which one do you feel would be most appealing? I'm ready to insert it now.
I like the red one
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