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I can make the pictures so they are a bit easier to view, originally I had them set up with the full format from the game, but they were just too large to view all of them at once, I will be able to make a comprehensive spreadsheet later today.

In response to the Gen 3/Gen four tile's Mixture, honestly the only tiles I knowingly mixed, and could see with detail were from a different generation is one set of Benches, otherwise they look similar in graphics, to the point the fell alright together, in my opinion. The Tile set I am using is from PESK most recent version, for both the Battle's and the World Tiles.

Although, I have edited a few sprites in order to make it so they can overlap the way I like them too. Personally I did not play much of the GEN IV/V games, that was one of my biggest concerns coming into the developmental stages of a fan game, I have little to no knowledge of the Stories, Pokemon, or Graphics from Gen IV/V.

I will update the pictures as soon as I can, and make an update post on it, if you could let me know how they will when I make them less random, and a lot more Chronicled. Along with having the screenshots Chronicled, the reason they are varying sizes is because I am using Print Screen+Paint in order to make the screens, is there a pre-built function for the option to screenshot? Or what is the normal protocol, which you(or other devs) have used in order to Catalog progress visually?
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