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Sup? It's me again. I must say... I couldn't stop laughing.
It's nice reading something that actually laughs of the mainstream Pokemon games, can't wait to see the evil guys that do evil things and say evil stuff (aka Team Rocket)

Small innocent Caterpie and Rattatta running out of the duo’s destructive feet.

“Yeah I choose you Charmander! Charizard is so hardcore!”
So you mean Red was like the "So Hardcore" Meme? :O

sent some to help some Nigerian prince
WTF to that

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssse Tackle!”
“Let’s surprise him with a tackle!”
“Counter with a tackle!”
“Finish him off with a tackle!”
“Dodge and use tackle!”
“Super finishing move! Tackle!!!”

The battle was nothing spectacular yet both trainers looked like they were in the first row in a VIP concert starring T. Rex and David Bowie. That’s what you young whippersnappers listen to nowadays right?
The kind of excitement in that battle actually reminded me of a Ke$ha concert

What? You thought I was going to go on novelizing a game that already has a story? If you wanted to read a Kanto journey like that you’d just pick up Blue, Red, or the Remakes, duh

Not sure if there's grammar errors (my grammar ain't that good ) but I still like your story. Keep it up!

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