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It's a scam where some guy pretends to be some "Nigerian prince" who needs money for a ransom or to keep his kingdom from ruin. The joke here was that Oak was duped by some guy who needed Pokemon and he was dumb enough to send them to him.
I know, I said WTF in a sorta good sense, that joke almost killed me with laughs... Nigerian Prince... lol.

Is that what you kids listen to nowadays? I'd heard about some Rebecca Black girl being
No but the two guys I used were musicians from the 70s or 80s eras I forget which ones but they're from an older generation.
Not really, well, some listen to her (I do sometimes, but a time comes when you say 'she might be hot but her autotuned voice makes you want to kill yourself'), people actaully listen to Pitbull... or Adele, or some Pop, Electro or Dance singer that arises every ten seconds. And for the record, I do know those guys (I believe T Rex is from 1967 and David Bowie from the 70's, forgot exactly when). I'm not dumb when it comes to music, even when I'm just fourteen. I know a lot about music... well, except for rap
Also, about Rebecca Black. If you haven't heard her... DON'T DARE TO DO SO, you'll regret it. I did, and I still do.

And the okay was because I was to busy to just put the "Okay Guy" Meme
BTW this is the So Hardcore meme:

And I agree, the typical "get a Pokemon, earn badges, be a bad-ass and save the world" is quite boring, if not extremely dull.
For me a real Pokemon game/fic must include EXPLOSIONS, 'lots of explosions... And jokes, whereas they're logical or not.
Anyways, like I was saying, good luck with yo' story, I'll be looking forward the next chapter.

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