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Danielle Accola - Pokemon Center; Outside

Danielle decided to wait later to shop.

While the noise from outside distracted her a bit, making her wonder about Diana's battle, Mark was busy inserting TM moves in his Pokemon, including Snype, his Sableye. As he finished, he sat up and looked at Danielle, while looking at the entrance door. "Alright! I think I'm pretty set for battle now."

Mienfoo jumped up excitedly and rushed to the entrance door. “Mien, Mien!”
“What Mienfoo said.” Danielle replied, and laughed. “Both my Pokemon are ready. Let's go outside then!”

Outside now, Lucia's battle was still going on. It was worth watching, but she had to concentrate on her own. Danielle stood at the spot where she battled Megan before. Mienfoo was more than just ready. He stretched in his place. She looked up at Mark and faced him and Snype. “Two on two? Or One-on-one? Whichever, I am fine.”

“Pachi Pachiiii!” Ozzy was also ready to battle, though at the same time he didn't get a chance to rest a bit more, but he could use the practice and training.

“I'm ready when you are, Mark! Mienfoo, you ready?” Danielle shouted.

Mienfoo struck a fighting pose in the battlefield. “Fooooo!”


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