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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia smiled as Diana went on through with her attack and hit Uhuru. Lucia however saw that the Bagon didn't seem to react to the attack and Diana stood right in front of him, tensed up as Lucia looked over Uhuru. He apparently had a lot of training to be trained not to show pain from attacks, that was actually pretty inspiring to Lucia. Now, if only she could get Diana to that level, then the Aron could become as tough as nails!

She watched as Uhuru suddenly raised his claws and sliced right at Diana with a Dragon Claw. Diana cried out as the claws impacted with her metal skin and she shuffled back a bit, the claw marks having stung her a bit. The Aron glared right at the Bagon, "Think you're tough? Well, I'm tougher! I'll beat you and show them all how tough I am!" She proudly declared.

Lucia watched Diana's reaction and smiled, she was a very proud Aron. "Alright, Diana, use Iron Defense!" The Aron concentrated and her body shined with light as her armored hide became much stronger.

Lucia smirked at George, "Let's see Uhuru's attacks get through Diana's defense now!" She said as Diana eagerly awaited the Bagon's next attack.
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