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Vato, that's horrible! :C I'm sorry that happened to you.

As for myself, I didn't get much done earlier this week because I worked a lot of hours. So everything that I like to do I couldn't do because I was too tired. It wasn't until Thursday that I could actually do any writing, and I did that in work. I finished a scene of "TUGMY" that night. I fortunately could easily pick up my writing style for that story, but it was tough in the beginning.

I just now finished chapter two of LTS: Heirs of the First Revolution. I wrote pretty much two pages. What I wrote reaffirmed that I don't like dealing with a lot of characters.

So I'm pretty much 1/3 done with both of my goals.

I also learned that Katy Perry music can get distracting if one always dances and sings along to "Last Friday Night".
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