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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

”Not alot of people are used to pain, so that’s understandable. And you’re welcome! If there’s anything else you want to know, just… you know, ask.” He said, smiling warmly at her. As she sipped her soda, he did the same, reaching over her as he tried not to look up into her eyes as he put the soda can in the bag. If he did, he was dead-certain that he’d blush again.

As he sat down on his spot again, he leaned back onto his hands, sighing softly. After a little while of silence, he spoke again. “This place is really great… so many happy, friendly people… and so many Pokémon. I saw a group of Digletts up in the mountains earlier. What’s your favourite Pokémon?” he asked, glancing towards her again.

Alexis giggled softly at Hikari’s inability to think of any bad habits of Ruby’s, though she eventually mentioned she was reckless. Alexis nodded her head quickly. “Yeah, Daniel can be the same. He’ll avoid confrontations with people, but… well, when he gets excited, he can do some pretty stupid stuff. It usually works out though, since he’s got me to take care of him.” She says, snickering softly.
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