Thread: B2/W2: Even more new Formes?
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With the current method of how they make Pokemon games, though, adding new forms is the ONLY way to add in "new" Pokemon to future games in the same generation. They can't add them in from the start because everyone knows ALL the Pokemon contained in the game after the first few days the game is out, and then it spreads all over the internet from there. I mean, we knew about Arceus a couple years before it was officially revealed as a Pokemon, if I remember correctly.

So, they're trying to market a sequel to BW. It's going to have a very similar world to explore, it's going to have all the same Pokemon (more or less), and they added 150 of the same old Pokemon to spice it up a bit. In order to generate desire and hype for the new game, new Pokemon aren't just a perk, they're required. Even HGSS had the spikey Pichu.

The only frustrating thing is that some forms are only available during events. Heck, they even want you to spend $3 on the AR Searcher game to get the Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus forms (which only works with the shiny, new, expensive 3DS).
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