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Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
Hey there, I have a breeding request if it's okay!

Pokemon: Electrike
Gender: Male
Nickname: Maney
Ability: Static
Nature: Rash
Shiny: No
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Pokeball: Premier ball? (if possible)
Hatch Location: Anywhere
Egg Moves: (if okay) Ice Fang

For either of you guys who wants to trade. I can supply a Manectric and the Ice Fang parent.

For Pokemon Diamond. If you could also make him have Hidden Power Ground, I'd be very grateful, but it's not needed if you don't want to. I have many Pokemon for trade.

Hi as much as i would love to do that i cant sorry i don't have pokemon diamond

Not accepted