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do you guys think Pikachu works as the Electric type mascot or do you think another Electric Pokemon would've been a better choice?

I'm just so used to Pikachu being the main mascot of the games lol. It'd be a bit weird to see other Electric-Type Pokemon like...Jolteon, Raichu, or Pichu becoming the mascot. So, I think Pikachu should stay as is. Who loves that little mouse? :3

Quote originally posted by OzCake:
Yay for phones! Welcome to the club, I never knew you were an Electric type lover :o What made you choose Jolteon for it's awesomeness? What makes it so awesome? x] Lanturn certainly is a wonderful Electric type Pokemon indeed; it's very unique typing and therefore diverse move pool makes it a perfect addition to almost any team! Shame about the not-so-great stats :(
Jolteon is very fast, due to its high speed. It can learn Pin Missle via TM, and the shiny color....omg. <3 When I play the games, I can always rely on Jolteon's speed stat during battle. That's how its awesome. :3
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