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And back to (re)updating this thing.

Part Five - Magical Trees!
Or MUSA tells us to do stuff for him after a lot of talking.

So last off we got a phone call the moment we got out. This happens in the game a lot. How conveniently timed!

'Oh, nothing much. We just encountered some politicians and found out MUSA hired a SLOTH to do the water transporting. And there wasn't any baseball either.'

I like how Bek has to jump even when talking to someone through a phone. No doubt Sungki is also doing his fair share of jumping.

A rare moment when a full piece of dialogue make sense. Let us cherish this moment.

...Mr .MUSA? One thinks they took the Japanese text too literally here. Either that or MUSA has been having quite the, uh, influence on Sungki. Somehow. ._.

And back to our Engrish.

And so begins the fun trip back.


Yes it has. Very quickly too. Great,

Great, is the phrase of the day it seems.

...Release what now? The person that was below has disappeared however so maybe this green dude isn't totally out of it.

Hey get out of our way, the sooner we get to the village the sooner we can get back and play BASEBALL! And besides... we did win? What are you talking about, random pink blob.

Sure, I could, but I don't really want to.

God dang it.

No this is not okay, you are wasting valuable baseball time. >:[

See what you made Not-Sandslash do?

Sheesh go away already.

...And he disappears without walking away or anything.

Well that's one quick sloth... and man, plain flavour is my favourite too!

If we didn't know that he was talking about unlocking the door or some-such that'd sound pretty wrong actually...


That's it we're talking to MUSA.

Yes, are you going to pay me anything?

Yes, because I was the only who could be bothered to go wake him up. Besides the politicians I guess.

Bek now assumes a 'yeah, it's easy, I'm so cool' personality here. Despite the fact he did none of the battling.


'They all agreed to follow the baseball team I support! =D'

There is something about the way he said 'good thing' that just doesn't sit well with me. =(

Suddenly, a tree.

So...what happened?


Magic trees! MUSA goes on to explain that you use the trees to teleport. Or rather 'to take a trip'.

All like Bek? Somehow I am not too sure... then again given what everyone else is like...

Wait, what? The powers... of doing what you say?

Mighty fine powers you have there, Bek.

You have to hand it to MUSA - he sure takes advantage of other people to do stuff for him...

How's Kelina's water supply going?


To the power!

I will also speak like a robot.

Implying that if I refused I would have been disallowed to leave the village. Lovely!

Yeah, things could be worse. I could go live with MUSA like Sungki does for THE ENTIRE GAME. Imagine all the 'good' and 'funny' things MUSA shows him, eh?

He gets too many 'clues' and many of them are pretty darn useless. =( Think of those calls from your Mother all the time in HGSS - he says different things but just as frequently.

"Like watch baseball? =D"

In other words - a good reason to make friends is so you can use them to call in favours! Remember that, friend - we'll depend on you!

And they leave.

This is a pretty good point to leave it off at, actually! Hurrah for getting past that uneventful, info-dumping scene.