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Originally Posted by Drgons90 View Post
A bit of a big question, I'll explain it in a form of story.

So let's say there's a Ghost + Dark type pokemon and shedinja in a battle. We'll make Sableye an example. Sableye uses skill swap on shedinja. Bam! He can't be touched now. Can he be affected with Odor Sleuth to make normal and fighting types hit it? Then used any fighting type moves until he dies?

Please answer, or test it if you can.
Neither Sableye or Spiritomb can learn Skill Swap :x

Originally Posted by Trainer Timothy View Post
I feel some of my POKeMON's (see Trainer Card below) true battle capacity has been dulled because of the HMs. I only have 1 water POKeMON on my team (POLIWRATH) and he's essentially the water HM *****, which bothers me because I would like to use his FIGHT type in some way with some fight moves... Do you think I should catch another Poliwag and train him to be a battler and less of a story moving element.

Hypnosis (the only reason this remains is to make tough catches easier.)
Since you've got all the badges according to your signature, then yeah either remove the HMs or start all over again - Whirlpool being the least necessary buuut its special attack isn't that great so leaving Surf on there wouldn't really achieve much. So in other words, yes swap it for another Poliwag since you have something that can fly and you've used the HMs already.
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