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Hm...Nice job yet I can't figure out how to add
in def update of Game_player_ add


I am unsure of where to put it. I looked but I don't see where you say to put it.

Edit: Well Never mind I got it but now It's giving me a problem with the
Put this in PokemonParty
$PokemonTemp.dependentEvents.refresh_sprite part as well as the piece under it. I put it exactly where you said to unless I am mistaken.
Edit 2:
Pokemon Essentials
Script 'PokemonParty' line 2: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method `dependentEvents' for nil:NilClass
This is the Error I get. Not sure of what it means. Maybe you can help me? Now it's just giving me a bunch of errors. I am going to repute it back in and start over.
Edit: I got it to work but now I need to figure out how to make the pokemon follow.
My Last Edit: How do I add pokemon? It's not working for me.