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Daiki hoped that no matter what that Preserias was not a father, for he was not good at comforting people. Reciting old stories about the success of "weaker" human contestants was hardly skillful comforting. Though, receiving hugs would probably be awkward. The exploits of the human winner was a familiar tale, of which Daiki remembers fondly. He admired her abilities as a survivor and was surprised she won, but perhaps that is why he did not comfort him. Daiki felt…useless in comparison. He lacked the resolve to go the lengths that she did, and it did not help that he was not particularly skilled. At least not in his mind. Others begged to differ, but Daiki ignored their compliments completely citing there is always someone better than you.

Daiki also hoped at this point that Preserias was not a teacher or politician with any sort of influence for he fed Daiki ridiculous reasons for the purpose of the Population Games. "There are three reasons to the Population Games. One, for entertainment. The government likes keeping the citizens of their district under a reality that nothing can hurt them unless they ask for it. They use the Games as a subtle reminder of what happens if you go against them and their views. The citizens happily obey, and smash on their makeup. The second reason, is that they don't want the population of humans, angels, demons, and vampires to become a challenge. They respect the resources they have, and don't wish to waste it on lower beings. The Games not only kills at least twenty teenagers, but causes many women to not want to have babies. They don't want to give birth to a child that may be killed before their very eyes. The third reason, is that they do not want a rebellion. The Games scare the weak, and those who may pose to be a problem in the future as adults are sent to be slaughtered or become servants."

Daiki chuckled a bit. "Those must be among the most foolish of justifications for such a vile act by this government. Entertainment is given, I cannot dispute that. And they do serve as a grim reminder of what happens to…non-believers of their propaganda. All the Gods seem to care is entertainment, at least from what I have seen. As a result, nearly every other district (especially the human one, but nobody seems to remember we exist) suffers descending into terrible conditions that I cannot find the words to describe. The Gods oppress their subjects with their displays of power and manipulation. They outnumber us and simply use whatever leftovers of their conquests to fill up arenas to watch their subjects squirm. Humans, at the very least, live in fear. Not happiness. So I suppose I must commend the Gods for being efficient in their rule, but it does not mean I must agree with their methods. They are better ways to rule an entire world," Daiki said, looking at Preserias in the eyes thinking of how he would rule in the God's place if such a thing was possible. Daiki was perhaps too kind to be a ruler of the God's stature. That is what mother always said, when Daiki expressed his aspirations to be a King or some equivalent. His reign would likely be marked by ineffectiveness, disorder, teetering onto chaos, but only in government buildings. Daiki's people would be happy. He was confident in that. It was that vision that made Daiki hope in the deepest parts of his heart that the God's tyranny would come to an end, crashing all around them like a house of cards. Truthfully, Daiki believed that if a rebellion started it would rapidly progress into a powerful movement. A snowball effect. But then….but then Daiki remembered something. These were Gods. They didn't live by the same rules. They never seemed to lose at anything. They had absolute control. Any rebellion would die out before it got started. The snowball would be defeated by a flamethrower.

Daiki became more than crestfallen at that point, practically ignoring at any other attempt at conversation on the part of Preserias. It was not until he revealed the fact he had a slim electronic device on his person that Daiki's attention was captured once again. Daiki, being quite learned, recognized the device as something that often distinguishes one from the rest. Nobles could not capture such devices even with connections established by long days of networking and underhanded bribes. The Gods liked the feeling of superiority and these devices solidified that fact. The fact that Preserias owned one could only mean one thing: He was important. Likely a high ranking official of some sort. This made his political debate all the more surprising. Perhaps Preserias shared Daiki's views? No, not likely. Being sympathetic was a stronger possibility.

"Well, factoring everything, and saying that you do not get any sort of alliance with a supernatural... About a 10% survival rate. If you got an alliance with Bernkastel, then it would be 29% survival rate. If she happens to like you in particular and you stay with her through most of the games, then 48%. Bernkastel will protect whoever she can. Sometimes that bites her later on, but she doesn't mind."

"My chances do not look good then," Daiki sighed. "Any way-" Daiki swayed a bit, losing his balance. "Sorry I did not eat anything yet. Seems I must break my fast."

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