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Started: June 9th, 2012
Time to face Lenora! I begin by using my starter against Lenora’s Herdier. I get one Growth in while a Take Down misses me, haha. Herdier falls, so I switch in Tirtouga to take on Watchog. Lenora tries to use Leer and Hypnosis, but the latter attack misses! This battle is super easy and lasts about 5-6 turns.

Team Plasma grunts are being bad apples. As they run off with the dragon skull, I have to take the winding path through Pinwheel Forest. Um, hey, Gym Leader, why can’t you take the long way? This would be a breeze for you…! Meh. I try to run north, but I bump into a trainer. Funny enough, his Munna’s Psybeam misses my Servine twice. I’m on a haxy roll~

I'm forced to take the western route through the forest. Nothing too exciting happens here. I feel so heavily disadvantage because Servine cannot beat up Woobat, Sewaddle, bleh... OH LOOK, a Plasma Grunt with a Sandile! -annihilates it- Then, I have bad luck with status. Servine is poisoned, wah!

...So I walked all the way back to the nurse to heal Servine only I find an Antidote 10 steps ahead of where I was at. GUH, the Pkmn Ranger pops out of the bushes and scares me. I wish I had a Fire Type Pokemon right about now to use against these Grass types. Servine, Tirtouga, and Panpour cannot really beat Grass enemies. Oh yay, Tirtouga learned Crunch! nomnomnom

The next Pkmn Ranger has a Panpour. I really dislike seeing the monkeys. Where's the variety...? I defeat the last Grunt and reclaim the dragon skull.

I run along Skyarrow Bridge. It feels like forever, but it only takes a minute to get to Castelia City. I heal my Pokemon, but an NPC wants to describe Geonet to me. I feel like the developers made this game for babies. I mean, I was handed Cut, the C-Gear, and Pal Pad earlier. What happened to exploring the town and finding items on your own?

Although I head straight for the gym, I have to complete some side story first. I go to the Pier where I have to help everyone capture bad guys. I travel north into the desert, but it doesn't appear to be the right next step. I run back (I want a bicycle!) towards the Gym- er woah, I see Burgh. He says go towards the Gym, which I enter, but Clyde says go to the Pier. What is with this game and this big city?! I've explored the town, but only in my frustration, wah.

Oh, I remember where I need to go now. After I beat up some grunts, I save Bianca's Munna and receive a Yache Berry from Iris. I heal up and head back into the desert. I catch this hot cookie to help me win against Burgh.

Nickname: Nachos | Nature: Docile

I also pick up Eviolite for him. Back to the Gym, finally. Darumaka beats down Whirlipede as Burgh wastes two Hyper Potions. Darumaka is poisoned, so I switch out and use Tirtouga on Burgh's Dwebble. Water moves wreck Dwebble. For Leavanny, I switch in my Cut Slave, the Panpour. I use this time to heal Darumaka, switch him in upon Panpour's defeat, and prepare myself for the battle of my tween life! I order Fire Fang once more, which OHKO's Leavanny. Wow. Darumaka grows 2 levels!

Bianca apparently wants a battle, so I'll be sure to deliver.

Bianca's Herdier has Intimidate. :/ I switch out Darumaka to Tirtouga while Herdier's Take Down misses. Herdier falls to a critical hit. I throw in Servine to face off with Bianca's Oshawott. Eat my tornado of leaves! Critical hit! I use Tirtouga's Crunch against Bianca's Munna. I am not kidding you, I got another critical hit. 3 critical hits in a row. I finish off her Pansear with Tirtouga's epic Waterfall.

Step aside!


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