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Originally Posted by Namorax View Post
Played the game for 90 mins, and so far its a really nice. I found a few Bugs and there are also a few suggestions that came to me while I was playing. Thanks!


I dont know why, but for some reason my Text is smashed together (Example: "Thisisanexampleofhowthetextissmashedtogether!")
Happens to talks with trainers, battle-texts, signs, item-descriptions and the Pokedex. If I start a new game with a freshly unpacked verion of the game, everything is fine again, meaning the error is in the "save"-file
I suspect it happened when I was playing around in the options menu and switched the language back and forth.

EDIT:The "Bug" isnt really a bug. This only happens if you pick the DP Font, making me assume that the DP-Font doesnt have a " " (space). Switched the Font and now everything is back to normal.

Pokemonshop: Elevator says "Nenhum" instead of "Back"

Generic Bugs

HP-Speed is always the same, no matter which speed you selected (always instanteous)

After successfully catching a pokemon, the Ball disappears instead of staying on the ground like in the official games

If you increase the screensize, the Fadeanimation that plays when you start a battle does not scale with the screensize, instead they're just juxtaposed

If you encounter a Trainer-Pair (like Twins) that are supposed to engage you in a double-fight, nothing happens. You have to talk to them to trigger the battle, they do not react "on sight" like other trainers do.


Pokemon-Center: Is it possible to make talking to the Nurse automatically heal your pokemon, instead of being asked everytime? It might be traditional, but its not like we ever talk to the nurse for another reason...

Pokemon Colliseum: After each round it should ask if I want to change the order, instead of forcing me to pick the same pokemons/order again and again

Wilderness: Some Maps have Grass, why not have a very high encounter chance when you walk inside the grass?

EDIT: The DP-Font is buggy. It doesnt have a space sign (" ") which causes all the words to be mashed together. Do not pick the DP-Font!
Language-Bugs: This DP font made several strange bugs in Essentials, but Maruno successful fix it. I need to do more tests with it because it works well in my computer.

Generic Bugs:

1-Isn't a bug. Because the pokémon in the start have low HP. Use an level 100 Blissey to see the difference.

2-Yes, this is a small detail that need to be fixed.

3-You are right,

4-Isn't a bug. The generation 3 games use this format to avoid that you starts a battle with only one pokémon.


1-Very good suggestion!

2-Have you tried to cancel it?

3-Good suggestion.

Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
um wow thx, can you tell me what idea i gave you im a pm?

oh and P.S, if you choose the gary character, in battle, he only has one arm.

P.P.S, how do you use the unova crown? do you just keep it in your inventory?

P.P.P.S, would you be able to put your remixes and music in a zip file and post them on the forum cause i love your remixes and music!

P.P.P.P.S, sorry for soo many questions

2-His other arm can't be see in battleback sprite angle.

3-Like I said on topic, this is a hold item.

4-You can access it in the audio folder.

5-No problem

Side notes:

I know almost nothing on making remixes, none music was done by me, I only find these on web.

On side note: Some musics where cutted off from final release because when I import to RPG Maker they gain annoying effects.


One of battle songs that I like a lot is the Stadium Battle Theme (attached), but the midi that I find have the last 45 seconds without song! If someone can fix it I will put on the next time that I upload a version with bugs correction.
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