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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
wow looking great. I got a chance yesterday to play demo 2 & i'm impressed. Can't wait for another demo & hope it includes some more story that involves using the new power & hope to see more different powers that are catchable ^_^
Hahaha! Thank you, and yes.. You'll see more of those in the future. ^^

Originally Posted by glaceon12 View Post
Why, why, why, why is demo 2 so short??? I still wanted to know SO much like does canta evolve, did I really kill that dude and Why is Steeledge so strong? The game is amazing... It looks good and its fun to play. Well done.
Sorry 'bout that. :P
It's hard doing all of these alone.. But I'll try to make the next release longer. ^^

Umm, some sort of "design team" is working on Canta's evolution currently..

You'll find out soon 'bout the death of that dude. xD xD

Oh yes, all the KNIGHT SUITS in the game have 100-straight stats. I got lazy(*1st reason), and I really don't know what values to put in(*2nd reason)..
So yeah. If anyone can help me with each KNIGHT SUIT's stats, that'd be great. ^^

Thank you very much!

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