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Quote originally posted by miksy91:
About the other screenshot, I've no idea what you're talking about . I see nothing wrong (no tile-errors ?) with it and a wordbook translated "mob" as "group of people" so it really doesn't say a thing to me either.

I was referring to pokemon as mobs!

Sorry, have been playing too much Lineage 2 and League of Legends!XD

Quote originally posted by miksy91:
I'm wondering though, didn't you notice any other glitches happening in places that use triggers according to this? By heart, I can only think of a couple of places where the triggers could actually work by having the trigger flag activated from the beginning when you get there.
I did!

The fisherman at Area 106 Mt. Lima Entrance that talks about Fisherman Dustin!

I don't remember anything else right now, I will see what I can find!

Quote originally posted by miksy91:
EDIT (to this):
If you open the VBA's memory viewer and go to offset D6CD with it, the value there should be 00. I assume that the value in your save file is different (01 or 02) though so you should change it to 00 if so (and then use a save state afterwards). That should prevent bugs in following versions to occur. To fix Bulbasaur glitch, increase the value in offset D7B9 by 80.
Hhhmmmm.....this sounds like chinese to me!xD

I'll try!
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