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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
The trailer actually looked really great and very exciting.
The only flaw that always tick me off is the OW of the hero, while walking left/right...
If you notice, when your OW moves up, the OW sprite is moving up-down-up-down, giving it a feel like the hero's actually walking, but his left/right movements, no up-down-up-down...
Maybe you could fix that?
Thanks and had ready fixed it!

Originally Posted by fallkitten View Post
This blue face...looks kinda scaryyy...amazing+__+
è_è Thanks dude!

Originally Posted by ProSynchro View Post
WOW this looks really good!!can someone message me when this is fully done cause i want to be one of the first to do a walkthrough on this
I will do it xD

Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Zeno, you keep on amazing us all, you truly are one of the greatest hackers. That sunset is awesome and the way you have blended the trees, just plain awesome!
But I think I speak for alot of people when I say you need to let us know whats going on story-wise?
i think that if i will say you the story or a synthesis there won't be the surprise when you will play it. I also think that the story base is clear: there is an evil team that want to wake up lugia for them plans! But there are some other characters that will complicate the story. Hope to had been clear, my english is so bad!

A little music update!

Pokemon Silver Legend - Hidden Ruins Theme from Megaman Zero 4.
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