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WEll, I havent played my SS in awhile, and recently restarted it. Since ive been out of touch, I dont want to blunder through the Elite Four when I get to em, I want to breeze through them. So heres the team I have come up with. I was wondering if yall could help with refining movesets and the items I should use to maximize efficiency and amazingness. And also around the level I should have em all at. Thanks.


-Fire Blast
-Fire Plume


-Thunder Punch
-Thunder Shock
-Thunder Wave


-Ice Fang
-Dragon Rage
-Dragon Pulse


-Extrasensory (I think he starts out with this move)


-Shadow Punch
-Shadow Ball
-Dark Pulse
-Sucker Punch

-Aurora Beam
-Sheer Cold
-Aqua Tail
-Ice Beam

Before I take on the Elite Four a second time, ill be switching out Dewgong for a Mamoswine, if i can get it. So yeah.. Just tell me anything I might need to fix, and what items and where to get em.. Thanks xD.
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