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Birch Enclave to Kanto

They were all engulfed in a blinding light for just a moment, and in the next they were outside the Enclave Alice just came in from. All the soldiers of the Declarum Forces were prepping themselves for the worst: a Knight-Commander.

"Hey, you." Alice immediately stood straight again, looking to where the call came from. A Gallade with metal covering his limbs was behind her, looking her over. "Where's your weaponry? Or armor?" The Absol took a second to remember the fact that she'd left her Knight armor in the hollow of a tree around here. If it wasn't for Ribibin taking the branded piece back with her, it'd be serious trouble should anyone find it.

"She's a Newborn," Geoff answered, which solicited a half-hearted groan. "Practically just arrived, but I was giving her a tour of the Birch Enclave when the alarm sounded."

"Great." He looked at Geoff and asked him about his movepool.

"Yes, I can. I wouldn't be much of a medic if I couldn't stop an attack."

"Just make sure she stays out of trouble. I'll fit her for a set when we get back." And he was gone as quickly as he'd appeared, blending in with the mass of soldiers to get his own preparations taken care of. Geoff looked at Alice and chuckled.

"Stay close to me. Soon enough you'll have a personalized set of armor and weaponry, courtesy of the young Gallade you just met." Geoff was older than him? Maybe it was the Gallade's armor, or Geoff's cleanliness, but the latter looked much younger than his counterpart.

"Ready to move out?" Damon asked. Geoff, like many of the others, gave their leader a rousing, "Yes, sir!"

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