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That's a pretty awesome Larvesta, Nica! I wish I had better luck in my White version...

I defeat Cheren and move along to Desert Resort. I spend well over 30 minutes trying to find a Sigilyph. I finally find one...! He just happens to have the worst nature ever, lol.

Nickname: Arsemio | Nature: Lonely

After receiving Ultra Balls from Professor Juniper, I have to defend some old guy in Nimbasa City. OMG HE HANDS ME A BICYCLE- why does Bianca have to ruin the moment. Go away, missy.

N has to show his creepy self, too. My crew sure takes a heavy hit from N. His Scraggy knocks down Servine to like, 5 hit points. His Sigilyph leaves Tirtouga hanging on to 1 hit point. Some pretty nice music plays as the dialog says 'Lacie wins 2200 for winning!' hmm.

I don't need you in my face, N. I'm going after Elesa. I start off with my Sigilyph's Tail Wind, but her Emolga's Volt Switch severely injures him. I order a Psybeam, which lands a critical hit, but Sigilyph dies to the second Emolga's Aerial Ace.

I move in Darumaka to wreck Emolga. The other Emolga doesn't die, so I lose my Tail Wind while facing the Zebstrika. :( I foolishly use Darumaka's newly learned Thrash. I can't heal him, so he dies. Servine knocks out Zebstrika right after she suffers from a critical Flame Charge. It's up to Tirtouga to save the day. Elesa uses a Hyper Potion on the other Emolga, but my Tirtouga's Crunch kills Emolga in 2 hits. That was a little too rough!

the crew
:: Yasmin the Servine :: Level 26
:: Halstein the Tirtouga :: Level 26
:: Nachos the Darumaka :: Level 27
:: Arsemio the Sigilyph :: Level 20
:: Panpour the Panpour :: Level 11