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Quote originally posted by Redapple565:
here's the pics, sorry they're sideways.
i also noticed a few people claimed to have these in the old thread.
Quote originally posted by pokecole:
Hi i got this picture off google images, its not a picture of my exact card but the same kind. Anyways my card like this one has a little tear in the corner but otherwise nothing else bad, and the thing that interests me is that on mine the words pokemon and the pokeball on the back are upside down from the right side. How much would that be worth?
Quote originally posted by tarantula_123:
hi to the owner of this thread who replied to my first ever post.

i have followed your instructions, so please hopefully find my pictures attached to my post.

as i said before, i haven't got a clue really what they are, so i will leave everything to you. all i can say is, they are two folders and a booklet on pocket monsters. these two folders are seperate to my big folder of cards which need to be uploaded. im sure i obtained them from being in the pokemon fan club as a child or something similar.

cheers anyway,
Quote originally posted by tarantula_123:
.... here are the other photos in my attachments, as i couldn't upload them all at once.

I'll get to pricing all of these later. I've not got the time for it tonight, as I just got off work and need to crash ASAP.

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