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Chapter 2: New friends

It was then that I noticed something different about this town. I looked around slowly and saw that it was almost completely empty. That is with the exceptions of the Pokémon Center and an extremely large tower. I looked at the tower for a few seconds and walked towards it until a creepy fog surrounded me. My light blue eyes slightly scanned the fog and saw that it was a Pokémon. I looked at the only Pokeball I had and threw it up revealing my Pikachu. “Pikachu use your Volt tackle attack” Was what I said and the Pikachu obeyed. It was suddenly surrounded by a veil of electricity and it charged towards the Pokémon. Sora hit it and made it fly backwards onto the ground. It suddenly got up and licked my Pikachu in the face. Sora looked scared and couldn’t move. Pikachu looked at the Ghost type Pokémon that had paralyzed him. Sora had a look of revenge on his face and decided to use Thundershock on the Ghost Pokémon making it weaker. The Ghost was shocked and used the Lick attack again nearly knocking out Sora. I smiled slightly. “Pikachu use Electro Ball attack” The Pikachu smiled and nodded. It ran towards the Ghost at high speed as a yellow ball of electricity grew on its tail. It did a little front flip and released the ball of electricity on the Ghost knocking it out. I pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at the Pokémon forcing it into the Pokeball. The ball shook a few times then glowed signaling that I had caught it. I smiled and held the Pokeball in the air and walked to the Pokémon Center and asked the nurse to heal the Pokémon and she agreed. After the Pokémon were healed I left the Pokémon Center and walked towards the tower. When I had entered it I was greeted by a familiar face. “Hi Rafael remember me,” The female figure had said. I nodded my head yeah and said her name which was Natalie. She smiled at me and then offered me a race to the top of the tower which I had accepted. I started to sprint up to the top of the tower but Natalie was always one step ahead of me that was at least until she had fell. I looked at her and felt bad so I helped her up and to the top of the tower. I of course had a little help from my Pikachu and the Ghost Pokémon that was a Gastly. Her Misdreavus also helped us bring her to the top of the tower. When we got to the top we sat on the edge of the tower and looked out to the rest of the region. From here we saw our hometown, the next route and even the extremely large Pokémon League. That was when I decided that I wanted to go on a Journey collecting badges. “Natalie will you stay here because I won’t, I want to go on an adventure collecting badges and eventually defeat the Champion.” I asked her and her response was a simple answer. “No I want to go an adventure also and become better than you” She had told me before turning around smiling at me. I smiled also and noticed that the fog from earlier was dying down. My light blue eyes could now clearly see the next route. “Do you need help getting to the bottom of the tower” I asked her and she shook her head no and her blonde hair swayed in the wind. I started to leave and looked back smiling. “I look forward to battling you real soon” Was all I said before I left the tower.
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