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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
Oh really, ive got a ton of indexed mugshots so if you need any let me know, saves you indexing them yourself.
Im the same, but i havnt had the time to fiddle around with it as ive been busy with work and tile inserting, but ill try it in the next day or two and let you know.
Maybe even ask dr fuji, he seems to know alot.

*I asked dr fuji and he said to insert the mugshots over the blank spaces between celebi and treeko. So if you try it before me let me know how it goes.
That'd be great! I'll take your word on that.

Hmm.. I might try doing that this weekend.
That makes sense.. No original pokemon, no cry.. =_=
Stupid me.

Thanks Kebbles!

Anyway, some updates:

I only managed to make 3 mugshots so far..
Here they are:

They are all still subjected to change, so anything can still happen.

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