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Name: Casimiro Issac Bianchi

Nickname: Cas

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Being a generally tall person, around 5"9' by his reckoning, Casimiro sticks out in the crowd often. This fact is even more compounded by his unruly black hair that usually sticks out in all the wrong places and his general upbeat demeanor. As a direct preference, his black hair is usually cropped short as soon as it gets as long as his shoulders. No matter what he does to it, his hair usually sticks up like a porcupine, earning him the nickname Porcupine Head from several kids in his hometown. There are a few blonde streaks from where he has dyed it so that it doesn't look so 'plain' to him. He has bright blue eyes, much like his father, and prefers to frame them in a set of sunglasses of any color that he can find. Casimiro has rather dark skin, nearly a dark-brownish color, and often draws odd looks from other people. He has a few scars on his hands and arms from past fights that he has gotten into with other people, and these are a paler color than his skin, often standing out easily whenever he chooses to roll up his sleeves.

As for his general wear, Cas prefers to wear light clothes as he doesn't see much use in wearing a lot of clothes to just show off. So he is usually seen wearing a black unfluffy and loose fleece with gray stripes on his shoulders. Under that fleece, he wears a plain t-shirt with a flying bird motif splattered across the front and back in a rainbow pattern. Casimiro wears black shorts to match his fleece, and it has deep pockets for whatever he chooses to carry around with him, usually his smartphone and an ID card from his old school. He also wears knee-high black socks, coupled with bright green running shoes. There is also a No matter the weather, Cas will always be wearing those clothes because he doesn't feel the cold or heat as much as other people.

In addition to his clothes, Cas wears silver dog tags with his name and a few words inscribed into the metal. It was a gift from his older brother and he always wears it no matter what. He also wears a hat that looks a lot like the one in this picture: Clicky, except it's radioactive green and dark gray. Like many other aspiring Pokemon Trainers, Casimiro carries around a gray backpack that has several feathers hanging off it. It's mainly used to carry around supplies and a few copies of well-worn paperback novels that are his favorites.


Casimiro is a person with an incredibly short fuse. He easily takes offense at any small slight directed towards him or any of his friends, and will often get into fights because of that. He's also very determined, and very little, if anything, can budge him from a path he takes, despite all the odds that are stacked against him. Because of this, Casimiro often ends up in bad situations. He's not just all brawn though, as he is easily able to think quickly on his feet and come up with strategies to get out of those sticky situations.

Despite his short temper, Casimiro has a grudging respect for those who earn it, mostly through a certain skill they excel in or if they're his friends. Speaking of friends, what he has is far and few in between, but they're very close to each other and Casimiro will risk pretty much anything he has for them. He is a bit selfish and makes a lot of his decisions based on what he wants. He also has the tendency to boast a lot about his accomplishments which leads to a lot of the fights he often gets himself into.

Casimiro also has a bad gambling habit. If he sees any kind of card game like poker or craps, he'll join and take a lot of risks. Sometimes it turns out well for him, but more often than not, it doesn't and he loses a lot of his things. In addition to that, Casimiro loves to snowboard a lot because of his family's history. He owns his own snowboard, which currently resides on the wall in his room.


Hailing from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh Region, Casimiro was entirely at home with the cold weather and constant snow. His family is and has always been ski crafters. They run a good business in Snowpoint City, especially at the peak of skiing season when tourists from all over the Sinnoh and other regions come to ski in the mountains near the city. Snowboarding has been one of the only things Casimiro likes to do and he was absolutely in love with Snowpoint City. From the skiing season, he has several good friends from different regions that he has met and still exchange letters and emails with them. It was from one of them that he found out about the new region. To his surprise, his father sprung the news on him that they were moving to the Celestia Region because of his job, and within a few weeks, the Bianchis moved to Mercury City. Bored out of his mind, Casimiro made the decision to become a Pokemon Trainer and is now headed towards Aurora Town.

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