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Aw, I'd let you borrow my copy if I could! GBA games are hard to get ahold of these days. Always faked and stuff. :/ Your best bet would be to find a used game store (not a GameStop, because I don't think they check for fakes, plus I don't think they even offer GBA games anymore).

I'm dummmmbbbbb. I also had a smidge of prior knowledge from doing it before, but I mean, the last time I did the Water Temple was my senior year of high school, so it's been well over two years. The OoT 3D Water Temple has colored areas for each hall that leads to a place to raise/lower the water, so that really helps. I honestly don't know how I did it without help. My boyfriend didn't even believe that I did it without help, lol.

If you did SS without help, but can't do the Water Temple, maybe I won't be that bad at SS! 8D /shot

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