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Well, I'm glad to see a new thread, as the old one wasn't getting updated.

I've done Psychic, Poison, Rock, Fire, and Water through Sinnoh, and I've also done Flying, Normal, Fighting, Ground, Grass, Electric, Ice, Bug, Dark, Dragon, Steel, and Ghost through Unova.

By the way, you should make sure you mention a few things:
1) Dark and Steel are not in Gen I, so they don't need to be included in a Ultimate challenge (i.e. you start with a Johto game). Single game ones are fine of course.
2) You should probably indicate a minumum team number of 2, unless there are no other pokemon available.
3) When hacking in a beginning Pokemon, only ones that are found in the wild before the end of the challenge should be allowed (i.e. no hacking in a Smoochum in Sinnoh, as it's not found in the wild until after the E4).

Just my two cents.

Also, there were some great userbars in the old thread, maybe you should bring those over here too .

And finally, you might want to talk to Myrrhman about possibly transferring some records over here from the old thread, as I know he compiled some kind of updated Champions list.
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