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My laptop has gone straight to failure, meaning I will probably be offline for an undetermined amount of time, until said laptop is repaired. I do not wish to leave my roleplays, as I've become very attached to them. So Quto may bunny Kiba and friends on Earth and Sky, if needed; I only hope they don't go far without me. PkMnTrainer Yellow may bunny Amethyst on her RP Fallout. I also hope that this RP doesn't go far while I'm gone.

As for Sacred Fire, Divine Water, don't worry. I do plan to be back as soon as I can. You may leave your sign-ups in the OOC thread, and I'll deal with them all as soon as I return.

I am very saddened by my loss of internet, and I will do everything in my power to return to it, along with PC.

Be back soon,

Tokushi Akio
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